Planning Supervisor (f/m/d)

The Brüggen Production Planning Supervisor manages a team of production planners, while plans and prepares production schedules for the manufacturing of Brüggen products, in a 50/50 split. The Supervisor must ensure his/her team to build strong cross-functional experiences and provide the team with actions, initiatives  and the correct mind set to apply the commercial strategy through an efficient operating model. For the operational part of the role, it is expected that the Planning Supervisor draws up master schedules to establish sequence and lead time of each operation to meet shipping dates according to sales forecasts or customer orders. Analyzes production specifications and plant capacity data and performs mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes, tools, and human resource requirements. Plans and schedules workflow for each department and operation according to previously established manufacturing sequences and lead times. Plans sequence of fabrication, assembly, installation and other manufacturing operations for guidance of production workers. Confers with department supervisors to determine status of assigned projects. Expedites operations that delay schedules and alters schedules to meet unforeseen conditions. Prepare lists of required materials, tools, and equipment. Prepare purchase orders to obtain materials, tools, and equipment. The position reports to the supply chain & sourcing leader.




  1. Knowing our customer
  • Respond quickly to changes in customers demand and needs within the plan process.
  • Know what drives your internal customers (production, logistics, material planning sales, purchase, product development etc) to anticipate and react on their needs and requirements.



  • Liaising with other areas of a company’s supply chain network (EU supply chain, EU sourcing, etc)
  • Create and maintain a platform to gather information and requirements from production, product development, sales, maintenance, material planner and sourcing to develop a planning and inventory strategy


  1. Setting strategy or development of strategy
  • Define strategy of production planning, make to stock or order, according to the starting points from the supply chain strategy. The supply chain strategy is based on the business and sales/marketing strategy.
  • Create the framework for the inventory level parameters and define the starting points of these parameters.
  • Develop a production plan model that serves as the blue print for the production planning processes. This model includes all relevant planning processes and is suitable for short and middle range planning.
  • Search out ways of planning innovation based on TPM (continuous improvement, theory of constraints and six sigma) to synchronize and to optimize the entire supply chain.
  • Create a platform to link planning with other elements in the integrated business process (Sales and operations planning).
  • Develop and maintain scorecard for planning including inventory and forecast aspects



  • Ongoing S&OP (sales & operations planning) => to execution
  • Planning scorecard.
  • blue print plan model


  1. Executing strategy

The production planner develops the master schedule of the production of goods, including total number of customer orders and distribution deadlines. This schedule is created after an in-depth audit of productions specification, manufacturing capacity and workforce size. Once production has begun, the planner monitors its pace to ensure time lines are followed. Additionally, the planner prepares and maintains detailed reports throughout the production cycle.


  • The production planner will:
    • Integrate demand plan and production capacity.
    • Analyze problems and constraints in resources.
    • Use  What-if scenarios.
    • Calculate long term capacity and organize planning meeting to discuss contingency planning.
    •  improve processes and cost-efficiency within planning process
    • Participate in the NPD process and create best company solution
    • Develop plans to reduce lead times and service times.
    • Establish collaboratively determined exception alerts with (internal) partners.
    • Lead meeting with material planner and sourcing
    • Participate in S&OP meetings
    • Lead planning meeting with production leaders
  • The planner effectively manages and controls multiple supply points to optimize the supply chain.
  • The production planner will setup mrp and maintain the settings of the mrp system.



  • service levels for production planning and execution goals => metric in point 2: dashboard
  • Target inventory level (quantity and value) and inventory turns => metric in point 2: dashboard
  • Production planning accuracy and reliability. Effective and efficient production plan=> metric in point 2: dashboard
  • Ongoing S&OP (sales & operations planning)
  • Making sure each operation meets shipping dates according to sales forecasts or customer orders and inventory target level.
  • Long and short term capacity plan
  • Contingency plans


  1. Directing operations
  • The planner act in the middle of the planning process and will give direction to all parties involved. Therefore the planner establishes a formal and informal link with demand management, material management, sourcing, production and product development. The planner aligns expectations of all parties involved.
  • The planner proactively seeks business solutions where the proposed plan implies constraints. The planner understands CRM for managing and anticipating customer requirements and expectations and has a critical view on the demand planning process, data and forecast accuracy.
  • Support the NPD process by accurate information and requirements



  • Forecast reliability finished goods => metric in point 2: dashboard
  • Forecast reliability raw materials=> metric in point 2: dashboard
  • Participate in NPD meetings
  • Knowledge of the product life cycle management
  • Participate in customer service meetings


  1. Leading and development talent
  • Development of individual team members by coaching, challenging, training, …
  • The planning supervisor must ensure his/her team to build strong customers experiences , with the relevant mind set to apply the commercial strategy.
  • Have a strong interaction with the operations, sourcing and sales teams, across the business.
  • Lead the team in a positive and challenging way of working, having a strong understanding of the OC types of services offered.
  • Own and maintain metrics relative to the Production planning handled by his/her team  with detailed analysis and drive actions and initiatives to improve them.
  • Lead and support initiatives relatives to the TPM.
  • Lead and support his/her team to use the OC processes and the digital tools deployed to enhance the customer Experiences.
  • Participate to the Recruitment Process
  • Participate to the implementation (Test, training..) of Projects/Tools dedicated to Production planning



  1. Leading the company
  • Part of SC&S team
  • Participate in formal and ad hoc teams to eliminate waste
  • recommending changes and improvements on adjacent processes.
  • Supporter of corporate safety goals
  • Bridge among sales, manufacturing and sourcing to drive the best solution for the company
  • Support (product) strategy by commitment to improve continually the product development and delivery process.



  • Waste elimination
  • Reduction in customer complains
  • OEE production.




  • Live the safety stand.
  • My Leadership accountabilities (Team Member)



Job Requirements:



  • Professional experience within the industry is preferred
  • Previous experience in management helpful
  • Supply chain management background is helpful
  • APICS training and certification is helpful


Knowledge and skills

  • Bachelors degree, preferably in a field like business administration, management
  • Strong knowledge of supply chain processes
  • Knowledge of production process and requirements
  • Fluent in English and German language
  • Proficient in excel and access
  • Team management


Abilities and personal characteristics

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Ability to deal with constant revision of forecast
  • Tolerance to stress
  • Ability to build partnership and work cross functionally
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to think in short and long terms
Type: Full Time
Location: Brüggen/ home office

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